Understanding Common AC and Heating Repairs

There are few home problems more inconvenient than having a central air system that doesn’t work. It can be additionally frustrating when we can’t understand what causes these issues. Anyone who owns a central air system knows the confusion of AC and heating repairs.

At one point in time, AC and heating repairs happen, and for different reasons. Here are all the reasons why these top AC and heating repairs happen.

AC and Heating Repairs for Low Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor air quality is caused by several factors.

Homeowners may experience low indoor air quality due to:

  • An old and overused air filter
  • Poor home insulation
  • Leaks in the air ducts
  • Lack of AC and heating maintenance
  • Damaging buildup
  • Physical trauma to the system

Depending on what ails your system, your technician delivers the appropriate AC and heating repairs.

The two most common reasons homeowners experience low indoor air quality is from an old air filter and lack of maintenance. Typically, there are no necessary AC and heating repairs. However, if left long enough without service, AC and heating repairs become inevitable.

To fix low indoor air quality and avoid AC and heating repairs, it is important for homeowners to have their central air systems serviced.

First, replace the air filter every three to six months. Second, schedule AC and heating maintenance twice a year.

AC and Heating Repairs for Dysfunctional Thermostats

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that thermostats need service and maintenance just like any other part of the AC and heating system. Thermostats that do not receive the attention they need typically misbehave, causing all sorts of communication problems.

Homeowners suspect their thermostats need AC and heating repairs when:

  • The thermostat is blank
  • The thermostat will not respond to buttons
  • The thermostat sustains glitches and bugs
  • The AC and heating does not match the thermostat settings

The thermostat may need AC and heating repairs because of:

  • Internal buildup
  • Corroded or shifted wires
  • Poor installation
  • Bad batteries
  • General wear and tear

AC and heating repairs for thermostats are urgent so long as you need the central air system running. Fortunately, AC and heating repairs for thermostats are relatively quick and affordable.

AC and Heating Repairs for Nonoperational Systems

Nonoperational systems are absolutely in need of AC and heating repairs. If your central air system does not even turn on or turns on and off frequently, there are underlying issues that must receive service.

What causes the AC and heating system to turn off?

  • The safety switch has flipped
  • The system short-circuited
  • The fire exchanger is coated in buildup
  • The condenser unit sustained damages
  • There is a present danger within the AC and heating system

If the central air system does not turn on at all, it is safe to assume that there is a major issue within the system. Generally, the central air turns itself off if it detects an unsafe issue that can harm the system itself or the home.

AC and Heating Tips for New Homeowners

There are few opportunities made for optimizing AC and heating. Moving into your home is one of those special chances. With all that new homeowners have to do before moving day, it’s easy to let important tasks pass by undone.

However, AC and heating should not be one of them. In fact, working on your AC and heating before moving delivers some major benefits.

Find a Trustworthy HVAC Technician Nearby

Now that you have a home of your own, it’s important to have a list of handymen nearby. This way, whenever you encounter an issue with your AC and heating, your HVAC technician makes a speedy visit.

When choosing your AC and heating technician:

  • Check HVAC technicians’ credentials and experience
  • Read past customer reviews
  • Call to speak with your future HVAC technician
  • Try out your technician by scheduling a small service

Audition your HVAC technician with a small service, like AC and heating maintenance. It’s a good time to try it out because there’s nothing wrong with the AC and heating system, so you risk less time and money. In addition, you can tell a lot about how good your HVAC technician is depending on how much he or she can do for a working AC and heating system.

Also be sure to ask questions.

  • How much longer will this AC and heating system last?
  • What should I do to care for it?
  • Is there anything I should be careful about?

Protect Your AC and Heating with Regular Maintenance

A new home doesn’t necessarily have a new AC and heating system. Typically, new homeowners inherit the old system already in tact. In order to protect the home and test out new equipment before cranking on the AC and heating, it’s a solid idea to have HVAC maintenance done.

This accomplishes a few things:

  • Ensures that the AC and heating system is safe to use
  • Tests that the AC and heating system works properly
  • Searches out necessary AC and heating repairs
  • Prevents damages
  • Protects indoor air quality

In addition, your HVAC contractor can tell you exactly what type of AC and heating system you have on your hands, what weaknesses it has and how to better use it. Maintenance is another way for new homeowners to protect their home and peace of mind.

Outfit Your Home with Insulation to Maximize AC and Heating

Another great idea for new homeowners is to have their home insulated prior to moving day. AC and heating technicians recommend full-home insulation in order to protect home comfort and energy efficiency.

So much of AC and heating is lost through small holes and leaks all around the home. By insulating these key areas, homeowners vastly improve energy retention and thereby minimize heat loss and rising utility bills.

Speak to your AC and heating technicians about insulating:

  • Attic
  • Air ducts
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Floors

Even insulating a few areas provides worthwhile results. Your AC and heating technician works with you to determine the best course of action to help save money and enjoy your AC and heating.

Top Tips from the AC Pros

AC pros know all there is to superior heating and air conditioning. What they do to their home and central air systems makes the “AC pro” difference.

AC Pros Use HVAC Maintenance to Save Money

AC pros don’t mention HVAC maintenance simply to make a sale. AC pros encourage HVAC maintenance because it’s worth your time and money. Just twice a year, AC maintenance prevents expensive repairs and permanent damages.

Your central air system is worth thousands of dollars and works to maintain your home comfort. It takes a lot to do that all year long. That’s why AC pros love HVAC maintenance.

In just one session, AC pros:

  • Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the central air system
  • Run tests to ensure safe operation
  • Make small adjustments and fixes
  • Scout out future problems and provide early treatment
  • Inspect every part of the air conditioner and furnace

Once your AC pros are done with your central air system, homeowners have:

  • Clean indoor air
  • Clean air conditioner and furnace
  • Healthy and safe equipment
  • Energy efficient performance
  • Peace of mind

Follow your AC pros tip. Schedule HVAC maintenance in between major seasons to save time and money.

AC Pros Make Repairs, Fast

AC pros never procrastinate on repairs.

The central air system is a large and complex machine. When one part degrades, the entire system works doubly hard to compensate. That results in higher energy expenditure and greater wear. Eventually, the problem spreads and infects other areas. Consequently, homeowners collect repairs and damages, leading to very expensive service calls.

AC pros encourage homeowners to make necessary repairs fast. This helps control damage to the central air and restore proper air conditioning.

AC Pros Protect Their Home Air

No matter how great air conditioning is, it means little if homeowners don’t get to enjoy it. That’s why AC pros work to protect their home air.

Indoor air quality refers to the cleanliness of the air inside your home. In order to achieve high indoor air quality, homeowners need to replace the air filter to their air conditioner about twice a year. This can be done straight from home.

In addition, AC pros also suggest air cleaning systems and super filters. These are best for homeowners that want or require pristine air. These additional systems work to deodorize, sanitize and filter indoor air.

Homeowners have the peace of mind of breathing home air that is 99.9 percent free of bacteria and particles.

Top Questions to Ask Your A/C Pros

Few homeowners know good A/C pros they can count on over and over again. That’s unfortunate because A/C pros are your top resource to healthy indoor air and a reliable central air system.

The next time your A/C pros come to service your central air system, be sure to ask these questions.

Is my home energy efficient?

Energy efficiency has much to do with how much you spend on air conditioning.  It’s not enough that homeowners only use air conditioning only when necessary. To be energy efficient, the home has to be prepared to retain air conditioning.

Most homes are just the opposite. They’re filled with leaks, holes and gaps. Some aren’t even insulated or have old windows that do little for energy savings. As a result, homeowners spend so much more for less air conditioning.

A/C pros know the importance of energy efficiency for home comfort.

Ask your A/C pros to take a look around the house and evaluate. Are those old windows costing you? Should the ducts be insulated? What about the attic?

Your A/C pros will be able to come up with a unique solution for your home.

How has my central air system aged?

The central air system ages like anything else in the house. With that come changes. Homeowners may not get to use the central air the way they used to when they first had it.

A/C pros know how a central air system ages. That means they can tell you exactly what to change in order to use it more effectively. Unfortunately, as the air conditioner gets older, it requires more care. However, in early stages it does not mean air conditioning quality falls in any way. Homeowners simply have to tweak their usage habits. Your A/C pros are the experts who can tell you exactly how.

Until specific parts wear down completely, with solid and regular healthcare habits prescribed from your A/C pros, repairs and replacements are few and far between.

What can I do better?

Every home differs from the next. Consequently, what works for one household won’t work for another. That is another reason why homeowners should have A/C pros they trust.

The more your A/C pros get to know your home, air conditioner and lifestyle goals, the more they can do for you. In addition, your A/C pros can tell you exactly what to do to get the most out of your central air system. This way, you save money, time and always enjoy reliable air conditioning.

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