Seeing Homeowner Struggling To Clean Pond, Tech Quickly Steps In To Help

At Service Champions, we accomplish Good Deeds For Free in many different ways. Sometimes a homeowner will ask us for something specific. Sometimes we just ask, ‘Is there anything we could take care of for you?”

And then sometimes we see a homeowner struggling with a chore and we step in and help.

That’s what happened when Service Champions technician Jamison was at a home in Whittier working outside cleaning a blower mower.

He noticed the homeowner trying to clean a small pond in the backyard. Jamison could tell it was a challenge for her, and he knew he could do it relatively easily.

“Hey, why don’t you let me give you a hand with that,” Jamison said.

The homeowner was thrilled that he would even ask. “No one has ever offered to help me with this before!”

She handed Jamison the pool skimmer net she was using. In about 15 minutes, Jamison had all the algae that had been floating on top of the small pond cleaned out.

Jamison then stood and chatted with the happy homeowner while she fed the giant goldfish swimming in the pond.

“It was nice talking with her and helping her with that,” he said. “She was really happy to have it done.”

Jamison, way to keep your eyes open for ways to help – thanks for another Good Deed For Free!