This Technician Does A Good Deed… Times 3!

Service Champions technician Dan was at a Huntington Beach home and the homeowner asked him to be careful as he came into the house.

“The door stopper is gone, and I haven’t installed the new one, so the door sometimes bangs into the wall,” she told Dan.

“Why don’t I install it for you?” Dan asked. “It won’t hardly take me anytime at all.”

The homeowner was especially happy for the help because she had a disability that made her sight extremely poor. Trying to do these kinds of small tasks was especially challenging for her.

So Dan decided to do even more. She had mentioned unassembled chairs from IKEA that had a lot of different parts. It would be a struggle for her to put them together.

“No problem,” said Dan. And he quickly built all 4 chairs in the set for her.

But Dan still wasn’t done. The clients guide dog needed fed, and the new bag of food was heavy and in a cabinet on a high shelf in the garage.

“I took down the bag and put it in a place that would be more accessible for her,” Dan said. “And I grabbed the dog’s bowl to and filled it so he could eat right then.”

Dan said the client was very appreciative of all the help. She told him she felt bad she was keeping him from the air-conditioning service he was there to do.

“Oh no, don’t feel bad – I’ll get that done, too,” Dan said. “Good Deeds are just part of what we do – it’s included!”Dan, wow! You took Good Deeds For Free… and multiplied it by 3 – great work!