One Good Deed Leads To Another

Service Champions technician Joe was up on a ladder cleaning weeds out of a gutter for a client in Carson.

It would turn out to be the first of 2 Good Deeds For Free he would do.

The homeowner was below the ladder and said up to Joe, “Hey, do you want to see something cool?”

Joe asked what she meant.

“Just look right where you are up there,” she said.

Wow! There was a nest of baby hummingbirds, already hatched.

“That’s really neat,” Joe said.

“I know, I’d love to have a picture of them,” she said.

That gave Joe an idea for a second Good Deed For Free.

After finishing clearing the debris from her gutter, he came down the ladder and offered climb right back up with her phone to get a picture up close of the nest and the birds.

“That would be awesome!” she said.

Joe did just that and snapped a couple of real nice photos for her.

Joe, great job letting one Good Deed For Free lead to another – keep looking for ways to make your clients smile!