How Air Ducts Affect Heating

How Air Ducts Affect Heating

Air ducts are an essential part of the heating system. Without air ducts there would be enormous heat loss and terrible heating. Yet as homeowners and caretakers, we do little to service air ducts. As a result, we pay high utility bills and settle for poor heating, thinking there is no solution.

Fortunately, that is untrue. Know what makes up your air ducts and how they affect heating. In turn, you can:

· Prepare the home against heat loss

· Save energy loss and high costs

· Have better home heating

· Enjoy cleaner air

· Help extend the lifespan of the heater

Air Ducts Transport Heated Air

The primary responsibility of the air ducts is to safely transport air in and out of the house through the heating system.

How does the air duct system contribute to heating?

First, there are vents and registers in every area of the home. Air is pushed and pulled through these openings. Once the thermostat turns on for heating, motors and fans pull air from the house and into the vents. Inside the air ducts, air is then pushed to the furnace for heating. Once air is heated, air is pushed through the ducts back into the house through the appropriate vents and registers.

To maximize heating airflow, homeowners should make sure that all the vents and registers are in the open position. Also be certain that furniture or boxes do not block these ventilation points.

When one or more of these fans or motors are impaired, air sits still. So while the rest of the heating system may work, the house does not get any warmer.

Watch for these signs, which may point to a motor that needs repair:

· Less or slower air flow

· Poor heating

· Buzzing sounds

If you detect necessary heating repairs, turn off the heater and call your specialist.

Air Ducts Can Leak Heat

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Some homeowners are surprised to learn that air ducts can leak. In fact, if your utility bill is unusually high, there may be tears and holes in the air ducts that leak heated air before it reaches the home.

Typically, leaks are rare. Because the air ducts are left unbothered, there are few reasons for air ducts to tear at all, especially if they are protected with insulation. However, leaks and tears do happen, and account for huge energy losses.

The attic itself is responsible for a quarter of home heat loss because of its unique environment. Not only does it vary greatly in temperature, it also houses thousands of bothersome pollutants. Additionally, there are crevices and gaps in the architecture that allow for such generous heat loss. If the attic is insulated, the majority of heat loss caused by the attic is prevented.

For most homes, air ducts are kept in the attic. This means that every day, the air ducts have to deal with attic air temperature. Even through the skin of the air ducts, heat loss is possible simply because of the attic environment. To make matters worse, when air ducts have leaks and tears, attic air can directly enter into the airflow.

How do heating technicians prevent heat loss through the air ducts?

· Attic insulation

· Air duct repairs

· Air duct insulation

By sealing the attic environment, heat entry is limited. Sealing air duct tears prevents heat leaks. Insulation further protects unwanted temperature changes.

Air Ducts Influence Air Quality

All sorts of particles accumulate inside the air ducts. In fact, even past the usual dust, other more disturbing particles can collect. These include:

· Rodents

· Insects

· Organic waste

· Microbiological growth

· Gasses and vapors

· Oils

· Other contaminants and pollutants

To help protect the heating system and your indoor air quality, schedule air duct cleaning with your heating professional.

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