This Good Deed Was Music To Her Ears

Service Champions technician Steve was in a Yorba Linda home around the time of the fire at Notre Dame and the subject came up during a conversation with his client.

“It’s a shame about the fire,” the homeowner said. “I used to play the organ and I loved a recording of a midnight concert from Notre Dame.”

She added that she would like to find the link to this special concert but had been unable to do it.

“I’ll tell you what,” Steve said. “Let me finish up your service and then let’s sit down and see if we can find it.”

Steve is pretty handy on YouTube and figured he would have a good chance of finding it.

Sure enough, when he searched for it, he was able to locate it. The homeowner was really happy to have access to one of her favorite recordings.

“I found an abridged version that we listened to, and it had a link to the full recording,” Steve said. “It was nice music and she was very pleased.”

Steve, that’s a Good Deed For Free worth listening to – keep looking out for your clients!