Can’t Keep Up? Five Ways to Simplify Your Electricity Bill

Electricity is essential to home productivity. It powers most of our kitchen, the garage and recharges our valuable phones and computers. Most importantly, electricity is imperative to heating and air conditioning, the biggest contributor to home comfort. Unfortunately, the cost of electricity adds up quickly and we search for ways to cut costs, that’s why we’re sharing five ways to simplify your electricity bill.

Minimizing costs is easier than it sounds. Because a majority of electricity bills comes from heating and air conditioning, using these small ways to control indoor temperature and prevent wasting electricity yields a sizeable deduction on your next statement.

Grow Plants Around the Perimeter of the Home

Tall leafy plants or trees literally block sunlight from streaming into the home through windows and other openings. It is a fantastic way to upgrade home landscaping, establish privacy and keep the heat from penetrating the home.

Cover Windows and Seal Doors

To the same effect as shielding windows from heat outside of the house, consider hanging curtains or blinds inside of the house. Strong, opaque fabrics block and contain heat close to the source, minimizing the heat radius.

In particularly hot months, sealing windows and doors is a viable option and a rather simple solution. This is a smart idea for homes that are prone to cold drafts during the wintertime as well. Sealing doors and windows with caulking or weather strips prevents outdoor air from entering and tampering with indoor air temperature all year round.

Raise the Thermostat

There is no need to keep the thermostat too low. In fact, chances are you can stand the temperature on the thermostat to be a little higher. For optimal savings, set your thermostat on a minimal cool of 78 degrees.

When you plan on leaving the house, add another five degrees to the thermostat to ensure that the heat load does not grow too high. This way, when you return home and flip the central air system on, the air conditioner works neither too hard nor too long, providing only exactly what you need.

Cut the Small Costs that Add Up

  • Avoid falling asleep with the TV on.
  • Turn off the lights when not in use.
  • Unplug adapters and appliances after using period.

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