This Good Deed Is A Real Peach

Service Champions technician Debbie was on a service call in Trabuco Canyon with Trainee Iris. As they walked toward the backyard, they noticed a sagging peach tree.

Debbie was concerned the branches would breaking off soon, which would be a mess to clean-up and would be bad for the long-term health of the tree.

“Hey, I noticed your peach tree is drooping a little,” Debbie told the customer. “If you’d like, we could trim that up a bit for you.”

The customer was appreciative of the offer and took them up on it!

Debbie didn’t want to just shake the peaches off. “That would just leave them with a problem to clean-up later,” she explained.

Instead Debbie and Iris used a hacksaw to trim back the branches and then cleaned-up the branches and fallen peaches. The customer was very thankful and brought them a cold drink of water after their hard work.

Thank you Debbie for showing your trainee the spirit of Service Champions and Good Deeds For Free… that’s just peachy!

Good Deeds In The Community

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