Three Ways to Care for Your Furnace System

As homeowners, we often are caught up in everyday busyness that we forget to care for our homes. Chores and tasks like cleaning and repairing move down on our priority list until something major happens. Luckily, the furnace system can be quite simple to care for with big payoff. Follow just a few steps and you are well on your way to a better furnace system.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter is key to helping your furnace system last long. Because it is the first place indoor air contacts during the air conditioning process, it is important that it is clean and strong.

Your air filter is responsible for:

  • Cleaning indoor air of particles
  • Keeping the inside of the furnace system free of buildup

Your furnace system has a specific air filter it needs. It is easy to replace and should be done about twice a year. Just a quick change can save energy costs and repair costs to your furnace system.

Clean What You Can

Every time you turn on the heating, all the air inside your home moves through the furnace system. As a result, the dust, germs and particles on the walls and floors of your home can enter the furnace system too. Those particles can build up, clogging pathways, tangling motors and overworking other sensitive parts. In turn, the furnace system works harder, using more energy and time to do the same amount of heating.

To help protect your furnace system:

  • Dust down vents and registers
  • Clean ceiling fan blades
  • Keep obstruction away from the furnace and vents
  • Wipe the outside of the furnace system

Some homeowners use the furnace closet as a supply closet. However, this can pollute your indoor air. Remove everything but the furnace from the closet.

Furnace Maintenance

Considering its size, the furnace system does not require a great deal of care. Furnace maintenance provides all of the technical service it needs.

During furnace maintenance, your HVAC technician has the chance to:

  • Deep clean inside and outside the furnace system
  • Replace the air filter
  • Remove microbiological growth and other buildup
  • Run tests ensuring system efficiency and proper performance
  • Adjust and reset gauges, meters and switches
  • Scope out any incoming problems
  • Provide furnace system repairs

Furnace maintenance prevents the majority of heating repairs and replacements that cost homeowners so much. To truly protect the value and lifespan of your furnace system, schedule your furnace maintenance as soon as you can.

Trust Your Furnace System with Service Champions

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You can trust that the care your furnace system receives with Service Champions will be the absolute best. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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