Thirsty Flowers Get The Drink They Need

Service Champions technician Shaq was outside cleaning a furnace blower motor at a La Habra home. As always, Shaq’s radar was up for any potential Good Deed.

He could see that the large flower bed next to the house was dry, and some of these thirsty flowers looked like they were starting to die.

“Hey, I see that some of these flowers are looking a little dry,” Shaq mentioned to the customer. “How about I water them for you?”

The customer, a retired elementary school teacher, said that would be wonderful.

During the few minutes he was watering the flowers, Shaq explained to the schoolteacher about ‘Good Deeds For Free.’

“We consider it part of what we do on any job that we can,” Shaq explained. “We take pride in that.”

The customer was impressed with the philosophy and was excited and happy to have the flower bed watered.

Shaq, thanks for giving those flowers a drink and representing Service Champions so well!

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