Why is My A/C Broken? 3 Common Reasons

It can be frustrating to be left with the A/C broken. Especially because there can be a combination of problems. With so many power sources and different systems working together to provide heating and air conditioning service, it really does take an HVAC specialist to determine exactly what contributed to a broken A/C.

Clogged condensate line – A/C Broken

A/C Broken Because of Electricity?

Around the A/C system are plenty of wires that connect one part to the next. These conduct electricity through the necessary channels for the air conditioning to work. With time and use, these wires become worn out, twisted or separated. Electricity cannot power the A/C system. The compressor can also degrade with use, as can fan controls, making it more difficult to process energy.

You can reset the circuit breaker and see if that restores function. If bad wirework is to blame, have your HVAC specialist visit to restore them, either replacing them altogether or making repairs. He or she can test to ensure that those conduits do not reoccur as a problem.

A/C Broken Because of Plumbing?

The A/C system is constantly cooling and heating. Condensation is a natural byproduct of that process, allowing water to collect in various places. A condensate line is in place to safely guide excess water away from the A/C system to an outside location. For one reason or another, the condensate line can grow clogged with debris.

Too much water collecting can be dangerous, especially since electricity is involved. Typically, water itself should not render an A/C broken. However, it is symptomatic of other possible underlying issues such as too much buildup. In the event that water does overwhelm the system, it can short circuit crucial parts, causing the system to shut down as a safety precaution.

A/C Broken Because It’s Too Old?

The average lifespan of an A/C system is 15 to 20 years. If your central air system suddenly stopped working after declining performance quality, it may simply be time to replace it.

A/C maintenance can help provide the care the central air system needs in order to work for as long as possible, but natural wear and tear are inevitable. Particularly if your central air is an older model, replacing the entire system may be the more efficient and cost-effective option. It saves time from replacing just a single part or constantly ordering A/C repairs.

Superior HVAC Service with Service Champions

If you find your A/C broken, Service Champions technicians are the HVAC specialists available for superior heating and air conditioning service.

At Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning, we work to provide exceptional customer service and expert technical care. We use only the most efficient and effective A/C service methods available in our growing industry so your A/C system gets the care it deserves.

To fix your broken A/C, trust the job to Service Champions, available to Orange and Los Angeles Counties. For your appointment, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule a visit online.

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