This Parking Space Is Reserved For Video Game Trucks ONLY!

He’s done a lot of different deeds for his customers, but this was definitely the first time Service Champions technician Victor was ever asked to do this. His customer in Anaheim asked if he could go out front and reserve a parking area for the video game arcade that would be rolling up tomorrow.

How’s that again?

Yes, it’s true. It seems you can rent a semi-truck full of video arcade games to come to your home for parties. The kids at the party climb into the truck and play video games, and when it’s over the kids climb out and the portable video arcade moves on.

There’s just one catch. You need a place to park that semi-truck!

So Victor’s customer asked if he would mind going out and putting out the no parking signs today, so the truck would have a place to park tomorrow. The customer explained that she was worried some of her neighbors might not respect the signs if she did it, but if someone in an official uniform did it… well, that might be better!

Victor was happy to help, especially after meeting the soon-to-be 6 year-old boy who would be having the party. Man, that kid was excited!

He strategically placed the big “no parking” construction signs so there would be enough room for the rolling video arcade.

His customer, a stay-at-home mom, was relieved! She had been worried about getting this done and now the signs were in place and the party was sure to be a hit!

Victor, you deserve some extra game tokens for that Good Deed, but you’ll have to settle for appreciation instead! Thanks for your Good Deeds For Free!

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