The Household Cleaning Plan For Purer Air

Central Air Filters

Indoor air quality depends on the cleanliness of the home and the way in which the home central air system is used.

One of the greatest sources of allergens and pathogens is contained in the carpet and collected on wooden floors. Matted with dirt dragged in from outside, carpet and wood accumulate dirt, pet hair and other particles over time. Vacuuming helps remove these particles that oftentimes not only destructs home comfort but indoor air quality as well.

By combining a household cleaning regimen and your central air system as an air-cleaning device, you can successfully elevate your level of home comfort and indoor air quality.

Vacuum for a Healthy Home

Dirty carpet becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and microbiological growth. These pathogens contaminate your indoor air supply, causing and triggering allergies and other bothersome conditions.

The ideal way to clean your carpet would be through a carpet cleaning service, either through renting a steamer or hiring a professional.

Steam cleaning or hot water cleaning not only provides a thorough vacuuming but also washes out stains on the carpet. Since a carpet cleaning service can be extravagant and expensive for regular use, you can choose to be practical by using your household vacuum more frequently.

Regular vacuuming also helps prolong the lifespan of your carpet and wood floors. When left dirty, particles dig deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. With time, fibers break down, slowly tearing the carpet apart.

Double Your Air Conditioner as an Air Cleaner

Your home air conditioner and heater run all year long and all through the house. Naturally, using the central air system as an air cleaning system is the most efficient way of elevating indoor air quality and protecting the air inside the house.

To do this, your preferred HVAC contractor assesses your home, central air system and air care needs. Then he or she can outfit your central air system with the appropriate superior air cleaning system.

These cleaning systems require almost no additional effort and little maintenance. They work alongside the central air system, so that every time you need heating and cooling, air cleaning also takes place.

Air Srubber 300X237 1

Air cleaning systems such as AirScrubber Plus and Biocide Chamber are among the most practical methods for residential air cleaning and wipe out up to 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens and particles.

We encourage all homeowners to implement an air-cleaning system to protect the air inside of homes.

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