Benefits Of An AC Tune-Up

Why Do You Need An AC Tune-Up?

Air conditioners of all kinds will be running at high capacity this summer in order to beat the heat. Don’t wait for it to stop working to call your HVAC technician for a tune-up or maintenance check. Air conditioning tune-ups are designed to make sure that your AC runs smoothly during the times you need it most. By recalibrating electrical components and changing out necessary parts, your air conditioning performs safely and efficiently saving you time, money and future inconveniences.

Tune-Ups Clean and Restore Proper Function and Safety

Regular system maintenance is performed by a certified HVAC technician about twice a year. Homes that house pets generally need more attention than homes that do not.

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Because the central air system depends on each and every part, these components individually must be in its best form to contribute to successful and efficient air conditioning. When parts are worn out or weak, failing to schedule a repair or replacement puts greater strain on the system as a whole, making it less productive and expending more energy.

Your technician works to keep your air conditioner clean and healthy so that both the conditioning and distribution of air is reliable each time you turn on your air conditioner.

Maintenance helps keep the system from over stressing, helping it last longer and perform cleaner

Regular Maintenance Prevents Breakdown and Extends AC Lifetime

Skipping regular maintenance and AC tune-ups result in over stressing the furnace and air conditioner. A number of problematic conditions arise.

Some of these conditions pose a greater risk than others in terms of safety. Others simply make the home less comfortable.

  • Dirty Filters – restrict airflow; deteriorates system longevity and pollutes indoor air quality
  • Loose electrical components – can cause short-circuits and trip breakers that shut down the system altogether
  • Worn or old capacitors – does not allow air conditioning to start
  • Microbiological Growth within evaporator coils – is harmful to your health
  • Restricted return air vents – overheats the unit from insufficient air supply
  • All of these conditions compromise home comfort and air conditioning quality but are easily repaired through an AC tune-up.

Service Champions 26-Point AC Precision Tune-Up

Service Champions technicians have helped thousands of families through the summer heat with the 26-Point AC Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning program.

Our tune-up program hits 26 crucial points to optimize air conditioner performance, sanitize and safety. These maintenance check-ups are completed by your Service Champions specialist.

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Each specialist spends 150 hours of training annually, mastering new technological developments in the HVAC industry. This allows us to care for your central air system with the most advanced methods available.

We also pass drug tests and background checks. For your additional comfort, we send an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians prior to your scheduled appointment.

To have us visit your home for your heating and air conditioning concerns, call one of our friendly representatives to book an appointment best for you.