The History Of Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning has become one of the most essential parts of our everyday comfort. Heating and air conditioning are necessities we depend on for a good night’s sleep, a productive day inside or even to keep warm and safe from bothersome outdoor weather.

It has taken about a century of time and work of inventors, designers and scientists to come up with the air conditioning we have today.

Central HVAC Timeline

1758 At Cambridge University, Benjamin Franklin and Professor John Hadley discover that volatile liquids such as alcohol can evaporate fast enough to freeze water. Inventor Michael Faraday discovers the same principle over 60 years later in England.

1830 Dr. John Gorrie builds a cooling system at a Florida hospital. His machine makes ice and blows air over it.

1881 President James Garfield is shot in an assassination attempt. To keep him cool while recovering, engineers design a similar cooling system where a fan blows over a box filled with cloths soaked in cold water and ice.

1902 In New York, Willis Carrier creates the first air conditioning system that served as the base model for HVAC systems used today. Carrier’s system is able to lower indoor temperature by 20 degrees and control humidity. His system cools air by passing it over cold coils of water instead of ice.

1906 An engineer at a textile mill in North Carolina, Stuart Cramer, develops a method to add humidity back into the air via ventilation. He coins the term “air conditioning.”

1931 Air conditioners for homes are finally designed and built by J.Q. Sherman and H.H. Schultz, but their hefty costs keep them reserved for the wealthy.

1939 Packard automobiles are the first cars to come with an air conditioning system. However, it can only be controlled from the outside and under the hood. Dashboard controls are still years away.

1950s With the economic boom resulting from WWII, more than one million homes are outfitted with individual air conditioning units.

1970s The smaller air conditioners built by Sherman and Schultz is expanded as central air conditioning is developed for the entire house. Using the home’s ventilation system, air is conditioned over coils chilled by refrigerant.

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