Breathe Healthy Air

The air inside of homes is the air we breathe most and clean air is part of a happy home. While airborne particles and pathogens can irritate personal health and comfort, proper care and maintenance in the home and in the central air system contributes to air you can trust. Here are some tips if you wan to breathe healthy air in your home.

Sources for Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution comes from a variety of places:

  • Pet hair and dander
  • General uncleanliness in the central air system and/or home
  • Dirty air filters and dusty ceiling fans
  • Open doors and windows
  • Interior construction or remodeling
  • Fumes and vapors from cigarettes, paint, cleaning supplies, fires, etc.

Though one by one these sources do not possess a great threat, as a sum, they contribute to the overall condition of home air. Since these sources are all within our reach, it only takes a bit of effort on our part to elevate indoor air quality.

Your Central Air System is a Tool

Your central air system is a network of filters, motors, fans and ducts that run throughout the entire home. Use your heating and air conditioning as a tool to your advantage.

Without lowering or raising the temperature of your home much, you can employ the air conditioner to filter the air supply in every pocket of the house. In addition, moving air around keeps one section of dirty air from accumulating harmful levels of dirt and toxins.

Utilize Filters

Filters are incredibly efficient at straining out airborne pathogens and particles. Work with your HVAC contractor to elevate the power of your existing air filter.

Air filters come with a MERV rating, a number that indicates the efficiency of the filter. For residential air conditioning, a filter with a rating of MERV-16 is more than sufficient at elevating indoor air.

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Ventilate Intelligently

Avoid letting air inside grow old and smelly by making a conscious choice to ventilate. Opening large doors and windows may work if you live in an area with little outdoor air pollution; otherwise, open doors and windows only invites more toxins inside.

Opt instead to fit windows with trickle ventilation, which is a screen with additional filters that allows fresh air in without the pollutants.

Choose Performance Cleaning Systems

HVAC technology today allows your central air system to work towards cleaner air while conditioning. Cleaning systems, such as AirScrubber Plus, easily attach to the central air system and purify the air every time the air conditioner and furnace run.

Other choices include Biocide Chamber and UV bulbs, which concentrate on keeping the central air system clean and healthy to avoid polluting the air that passes through it.

Service Champions: Superior Air Care

Your preferred HVAC contractor can assist you in choosing the right type of cleaning system for your home and needs. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning delivers superior air care and customer service to thousands of homes every year

To breathe the cleanest air possible inside the comfort of home, have our specialists visit by scheduling an appointment online or with one of our friendly representatives in our call center. To breathe healthy air in your home, call Service Champions Plumbing, Heating & AC.