Does A Lower Thermostat Cool My Home More Quickly?


One of the biggest misconception homeowners have about their central air system is that a lower number on the thermostat indicates colder air. This is technically untrue. If you find yourself asking, “does a lower thermostat cool my home more quickly,” we can answer that for you.

When the air conditioning turns on, it does not matter to what temperature the thermostat is set; heat is removed from the indoor air supply in constant increments of 15 to 20 degrees, depending on the humidity level and outdoor temperature.

The Results of a Lowered Thermostat Temperature

Once the central air system turns on, indoor air is collected through the return grill to be conditioned. As ambient air passes through the air conditioner, 15 to 20 degrees of heat is removed. The conditioned air then travels through the duct system and is distributed into the rooms of the home. This process continues until the overall heat of indoor air is removed to average out to the temperature set on the thermostat.

Lowering the temperature on the thermostat results in your central air system working longer and harder until the overall temperature of the home reaches the set temperature; it does not necessarily result in colder or faster air conditioning.

Dangers of an Overworked Central Air System

Using your central air system in this manner causes it a great deal of stress. Just as any machinery used for long periods of time, the central air system quickly degrades under prolonged duress. Overworking the central air system reduces its lifespan of service and raises utility bills, expending more energy than necessary.

Cool Your Home Properly

To cool your home with thought and care for the health of your central air system, implement simple methods to reducing the amount of stress placed on the air conditioner.

First, eliminate as many sources of heat possible. During the warmer months, most of the heat comes from outdoors through the attic space and through side windows. Sealing these doors and windows and insulating the attic significantly reduces the amount of heat entering the house.

Second, set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature that is not too low. This is generally around 75 degrees. Because a lower temperature on the thermostat does not mean the air conditioning is any colder, setting the thermostat at approximately 75 degrees reduces the amount of time the air conditioner will have to run without compromising a cooled home.

Service Champions and Air Conditioning

Your home central air system is a true workhorse that performs at full capacity each and every time you call for cool or warm air. Providing your furnace and air conditioner with the care and attention they need results in a more efficient and long lasting air system that delivers the high quality air conditioning you need for superior home comfort.

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