The Do’s and Don’ts of Using the Garbage Disposal

As much as we would like the garbage disposal to be an unbreakable trash grinder, there are several ways we can ruin it. In fact, many types of food we think to be safe can actually damage it. In order for it to perform well and for as long as possible, treat it with the same thoughtful care you have for your home central air system.

What Not to Dispose

Any food waste that has the potential to shred or deteriorate in such a way to clog the drain or wrap around the blades should not be put down a garbage disposal.

These include:

Vegetables with tough skins or peels
When the garbage disposal turns on and shreds these skins and peels, they cut up into fibrous strips that wrap themselves around the blade and wheel. This chokes the motor and clogs the drain just as hair down a shower drain.

Food materials that can turn to paste
Pipes are clogged when grease, egg shells, coffee grounds, pasta, rice, beans and potatoes bloat with water and turn into a gluey paste that sticks to the insides of pipes and drains. Dispose as much of these materials in the trash.

Corrosive drain cleaners
Tough drain cleaners with corrosive properties use fine sand to scrape the insides of the drainpipes clean. Unfortunately, these sands also turn into a paste inside the disposal that can destroy the pipes by clogging them instead of cleaning them.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

To keep your garbage disposal in the best shape possible and always ready to serve you. Regularly cleaning the garbage disposal keeps it healthy, sanitized and free from unsettling odors.

To do this:

  1. Allow cold water to run into the empty garbage disposal for one minute.
  2. Pour in a bowl of ice down the garbage disposal. Do not force the cubes down, but help it along. The frigidness of the cubes freezes particles stuck inside the garbage disposal and its drainpipes, ripping it free and pulling it down the exit route.
  3. Chop up a lemon into small pieces and feed it down the garbage disposal. This deodorizes the gut of the garbage disposal.

Remember never to use hot water to clean the garbage disposal, which melts fats and oils.

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