Technician Makes Client’s Day When He Helps Make The Bed

Service Champions technician Frank was working in a Santa Ana home recently and was walking from room-to-room. He was measuring temperature to make sure it was even throughout the home.“I walked into one room and noticed the client struggling to put sheets on the bed,” Frank said. “So I asked her if I could help.”

The homeowner said, “Really?!” She couldn’t believe it.

“Of course, I’ll help,” Frank said. “Putting sheets on is tricky. I can never put sheets on by myself. I usually have to have my wife hold one corner while I do the opposite corner.”

The client readily agreed and soon Frank was showing off his tucking techniques to the amusement of the client.

“I made sure the corners were nice and tight – nice and flush with the bed, so that there were no wrinkles,” Frank said.

“This is a first,” said the client, smiling. “Usually the technicians bring in the mail or do something outside like roll up the hose.”

“There is a first for everything,” Frank said, also with a smile. “Guess I’m just different!”

That you are Frank! Your Good Deed for Free made the bed and your client’s day!