Technician Helps Homeowner Feel More Secure

Service Champions technician Jesus arrived at a Buena Park service call and the client was ready – she had a Good Deed For Free in mind right from the start. She asked Jesus if he would help her install a lock chain on her front door.

“I know you guys do Good Deeds and this is something I’ve been wanting to do,” she said. “I just haven’t had the chance and my husband isn’t able to do it right now.”

She explained that her husband had recently been ill, and she wanted to have a little extra security while he recovered.

Jesus told her he’d be happy to do it and went to grab his drill and screwdriver.

It wasn’t long before the lock chain was securely installed and good to go.

“She was so happy she hugged me,” Jesus said. “It was a really good feeling.”

Jesus, thanks for helping your client feel more safe and secure – that’s another excellent Good Deed For Free!