Technician’s Quick Fix Gets New Washer Working

A customer in Dana Point had just had a new washer and dryer installed, but when she tried to use it, there was hardly any water going to the washer.

Our technician Tyler was on a service call at the house and the customer asked him if he could see why the washer wasn’t getting enough water to work.

Tyler was able to size up the situation very quickly. With a quick turn of a couple of knobs, he got the water lines fully opened. Together with the customer they tested both the hot and the cold water and found everything was working.

“The washer and dryer installers must have shut off the water valves and then just forgot to turn them back on,” Tyler said.

Tyler said that the homeowner was very nice and very appreciative that Tyler solved the problem.

“I think she expected to pay for this even though it took no time at all,” he said. “I told her we look for things like this we can do for free.”

Tyler said she wanted to show her appreciation by making him lunch! Tyler politely declined, explaining he had already eaten, but he really appreciated how grateful she was for the help.

Tyler, way to keep the water – and the Good Deeds – flowing!

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