Why Is My Air Conditioner Broken

On average, the central air system lasts anywhere from five to 10 years. Its lifespan and service quality largely depend on how often you use it and how you use the system itself.

Though a broken air conditioner may have seem to come out of nowhere, there are plenty contributing factors.

Air Conditioner Broken Because of No AC Maintenance

Even though the air conditioner may be out of sight, it still needs a regular care. Homeowners who put off maintenance later find their air conditioner broken.

Many homeowners may be scared of the cost of AC maintenance. However, it is a small investment in exchange for the total care of your air conditioner system.

Regular AC maintenance:

  • Keeps the central air system clean
  • Helps the central air last longer
  • Protects indoor air quality
  • Prevents damages

With your AC specialist evaluating and caring for your central air regularly, you will never find your air conditioner broken again.

Air Conditioner Broken Because It Missed Repairs

Usually, the central air system signals for repairs long before you find the air conditioner broken.

Some signs of needed attention include:

  • Funny or strange noises
  • Unusual odors
  • Poor air conditioning
  • Icy or cold air conditioners
  • Short cycling

When you experience anything out of the ordinary with your central air, do not expect for it to fix itself. The best action to take is calling your air conditioner technician. He or she provides the solution to prevent further damage.

Replacing an air conditioner can costs thousands of dollars. Rather than procrastinate on repairs, providing early care helps it last for longer and condition better.

Air Conditioner Broken Because It Stressed Out

There are proper ways to use the central air system. In fact, there are many habits homeowners can use to help their air conditioners.

Homes come with abundant cracks and crevices. As a result, outdoor temperature easily slips into the home, altering indoor air quality and temperature.

First, treat these cracks and crevices. Add gaskets and caulking around windows and doors. This small step works as a tremendous defensive measure.

Second, add drapes, curtains or blinds over windows or exposed glass. This will physically block heat or cold from entering the home.

Third, never let the home grow too hot during the summer. Even when no one is in the home, keep the thermostat on a few degrees above the desired temperature. This way, when you return and need air conditioning, the central air is relieved of unneeded stress.

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From AC maintenance to air conditioner repairs, we are your source for top quality service.

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