This Is The Technician You Want To See If You Just Got Back From The Store

If you just got home from the grocery store with a car full of bags, you’ll be in luck if you see Service Champions technician Miguel at your house.

If Miguel is on a service call and one of the homeowners has been out shopping, he always makes sure he offers to bring the groceries to the kitchen for them.

“It’s just one of those little things I watch out for,” Miguel says. “I don’t really tell them it’s a “Good Deed For Free,’ I just like to do it.”

Miguel says many people are surprised when he asks if he can help.

“They seem surprised at first that someone would ask,” he said. “They are always grateful for the help.”

Miguel also joked that he has a real talent for bringing in groceries.

“Yes, I can usually bring in about 5 bags per arm,” he said with a smile. “It usually only takes me one or two trips to get them all into the kitchen.”

Miguel, at Service Champions we love all ‘Good Deeds For Free,’ big or small. We know you’ll keep looking for those little ways to keep your customers smiling.

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