‘Let Me Move That For You’

Sometimes getting access to the space that has an air conditioner or furnace means having to move something. Many times homeowners already have moved everything out of the way for us when we get there and we appreciate that.

But remember that we are happy to help move anything that can be safely moved! It’s these little ‘Good Deeds For Free’ that our customers tell us they love.

For example, Service Champions technician Joe was finished up with a service call at a home in San Juan Capistrano and he saw the customer immediately moving a cabinet back in place after he was finished.

As it turned out, it must have been full of clothes because it was HEAVY. As soon as Joe saw she was struggling with it he said, “let me move that for you.”

It took less than 30 seconds for Joe to get it back into place, but it made the homeowner happy because she didn’t have to keep wrestling with it.

Joe, keep looking out for those small ‘Good Deeds For Free’ that add up to a big difference!

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