Technicians Make A Tree Disappear & Homeowner Loves It

Service Champions technicians Omar and Sean were at a Placentia home and started chatting with the homeowner.

“I complimented him on a papaya tree in his yard,” Omar said.

The homeowner told him that he actually was going to have it removed.

“That’s a male papaya tree and it doesn’t produce good fruit,” the homeowner said. “I’m getting around to having it cut down.”

The homeowner also said the tree was getting big enough he was worried it might start damaging pipes near the home.

“Then we’ll cut it down for you today,” Omar said.

The homeowner didn’t believe him at first and then added that he didn’t have room for it in his trash.

“No problem,” Omar said. “We’ll take it with us.”

Just like that, Omar got to work and cut down the 8 ft. tree. Omar said it was easy because the papaya tree is soft. “It was like cutting through watermelon.”

Fellow technician Sean worked with Omar to remove the trunk. They bagged up the tree waste in black trash bags and took them with them.

“The client was ecstatic,” Omar said. “I think it was one of those things he’d been meaning to get to and hadn’t, and now it was completely done for him. We made it disappear.”

Omar and Sean, that’s a magical Good Deed For Free – thanks for making the homeowner so happy!