Hauling Firewood Sparks A Smile

When Service Champions technician Damon arrived on a service call for a long-time client in Huntington Beach, she was ready for him and asked if he could help her with a couple of Good Deeds.

Damon was happy to do it, including helping her with a propane tank on her front porch, and moving some boxes of old paperwork.

But our technicians are the types that continually look for other ways to help. Damon noticed a pile of firewood on the first floor and voluntarily asked if he could help her with that.

“Actually, that would be a big help,” she said.

The firewood needed moved upstairs and stacked next to a fireplace. That was no problem for Damon – he got right to work and in about a half-hour had it all neatly stacked and ready for use.

His Good Deeds For Free sparked a smile from the homeowner and a big thank you.

That’s the spirit of Good Deeds For Free – we’re always looking for extra ways to help out our clients!