Why Furnace Maintenance Matters

Is your home at maximum comfort levels? If it’s not, have you considered tending to your heating and air conditioning units? If you’re experiencing any discomfort in your home, something as simple as a lack of furnace maintenance could be to blame.

Superior Indoor Air Through Furnace Maintenance

Keeping your furnace in tip top shape can have a profound effect on your indoor air. When you call an HVAC contractor, such as the skilled professionals employed by Service Champions, they clean the inside and outside of your furnace and air conditioner.

This is not a routine cleaning. During a furnace maintenance call, our technicians remove:

  • Dust and dirt buildup
  • Pollen and pet dander
  • Microbiological growth
  • Pathogens

Though you will never see them, hundreds of thousands of particles and germs live in your indoor air. To keep your home air free and clear of potentially harmful pathogens, you need to schedule routine furnace maintenance. A deep thorough cleaning is the best way to ensure your indoor air is clean and healthy.

Routine Furnace Maintenance Restores Energy Efficiency

Our skilled technicians encourage furnace maintenance twice a year. It is the most effective method to prevent expensive repairs and permanent damage. Also, a properly maintained furnace uses less energy, in turn reducing your utility bill.

To keep your furnace running efficiently, our techs:

  • Tighten motors and wires
  • Readjust screws, knobs, doors and covers
  • Reset power switches, gauges and pressure settings
  • Search for leaks and holes
  • Test for safe and proper operation

Making these minor adjustments greatly improves your furnace’s efficiency and can diagnose any major problems.

Furnace Maintenance Results in Superior Home Comfort

No matter the age or condition of your furnace, maintenance is a must. To avoid expensive repairs and system failures, we recommend two visits from an HVAC technician every year.

During every visit our technicians make sure the air in your home is clean, your heating and air conditioning units are working to their fullest extent, and that you have total home comfort.

Service Champions for Extraordinary Furnace Maintenance

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for multiple counties in Southern California. Homeowners trust in our superior technical service to care for their central air systems. In return, our genuine customer service makes every customer interaction unique and special.

To meet your technician for furnace maintenance, complete the form on our homepage. You can also speak with one of our friendly call center representatives for more information.