Technician’s Former Skills Come In Handy For Removing Old Satellite Dish

Service Champions technicians often have prior careers before finding their home with us, and sometimes those former skills come in handy for doing Good Deeds For Free.

Our technician Johnny was at a Pasadena home and he was impressed that the homeowner had remodeled the home, and had it repainted as well. He complimented the client on how her home looked.

“Yes, thank you,” she said. “The only thing I’ve got left to worry about is that old satellite dish that is still on my roof – I need my son to take that down for me.”

Johnny told her she was in luck.

“I used to be a cable satellite technician before I came to Service Champions,” Johnny said. “I can get it down for you – no problem.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” the homeowner said. “That’s a lot to bother with.”

Johnny explained that he could safely remove it, and even had the tar if any holes needed patched.

The homeowner relented and Johnny got his ladder and had the satellite dish removed safely and quickly, and then moved on to the tune-up for this client.

The homeowner was thrilled to finally have that eyesore off her roof.

Johnny, way to bring all your skills to accomplishing Good Deeds For Free!