Technician Rolls Out The Red Carpet For His Client

Service Champions technician Brandon noticed a giant red carpet rolled up and sitting in the corner of the living room of an Upland home.

“Do you need help getting that down on the floor?” Brandon asked the homeowner.

“Oh, you don’t need to do that,” she said.

But Brandon told her it would be no problem and he would be happy to help.

They decided to go ahead and do it. The first step was to take all the furniture out of the room so that the carpet could be fully rolled out.

Then all the furniture needed to be returned to the room once the carpet was in place. It ended up taking about 40 minutes, but this Good Deed was all worth it when Brandon saw how happy the homeowner was.

“She’s really nice and she was very happy with it,” Brandon said.

Brandon, you really rolled out the red carpet for your client with that Good Deed For Free – keep it up!