Technician Treats Stranger to Iced Coffee… And Then Finds Out She Is A Service Champions Club Member!

Service Champions technician Steven has a habit of buying coffee for people at random times, just to be nice and spread a little kindness.

Recently Steven was in a double drive thru line at Starbucks and he and another customer finished ordering at the same time.

“I signaled for her to go first, but she was nice and waved me on,” Steven said.

Steven decided he would treat the woman to her iced coffee. He told the cashier he wanted to pay for his order and the car behind him, too.

Steven didn’t give it much thought and pulled away, but a minute later the woman pulled up next to his service vehicle at a traffic light and said, “How did you know?”

Steven was confused.

“I’m a Service Champions Club Member! And I didn’t know that you guys buy us coffee! I know about the Good Deeds For Free, but that’s so cool! Did you look me up?” she said.

Steven started laughing at the coincidence. “I don’t know how to look you up from a car!” he told her. “Buying coffee for people is just something I do.”

“No way! That’s awesome!” she said. “You have a great day! I’m a customer in Walnut.”

Steven wasn’t able to catch her name before the light changed, but he did laugh pretty hard at how everything came together.

“That’s the craziest thing ever!” Steven said.

Steven, thanks for that Good Deed For Free for a stranger… who turned out not to be a stranger!