Technicians Clean Up Shards Of Glass, Making It Safe For The Kids To Play

Service Champions technicians Jorge and Eric were walking outside with the owner of multiple rental units in Tustin. The owner lived there, too, and as she showed them the units, she warned them to be careful.

“The kids were out playing ball yesterday and shattered a light fixture,” she said. “Please be careful, I don’t want you guys getting hurt.”

It gave Eric an idea for a Good Deed For Free. They could use the vacuum they kept on their Service Champions truck to clean up the glass and make it a safe play area again.

As Eric serviced the units, Jorge got out the vacuum. He asked the owner to shut the sliding glass door, so the loud vacuum wouldn’t startle the baby he had seen inside.

As Jorge started cleaning up the glass, he drew an audience.

“It was fun,” Jorge said. “The other kids came over to the window and we’re all watching me get all the glass picked up.”

Jorge asked Eric to come over to double-check to see if any glass was missed. When they were satisfied that the glass was gone, they showed the homeowner the finished work.

“She was very appreciative we did that.” Jorge said. “She loved that the kids could play outside again without having to worry they would cut themselves.”

Eric and Jorge, way to attack that mess – that’s another super Good Deed For Free!