Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling

It is absolutely frustrating to find the air conditioner not cooling.  We received the same call when it is hot, Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Unfortunately, there can be a number of reasons for your air conditioner not cooling.

By preventing these top reasons for an air conditioner not cooling, you can enjoy better air conditioning for longer.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Because of Impaired Fans and Motors

A very practical reason for the air conditioner not cooling is because of bad fans and motors. Sometimes, debris can clog up these fans or impair motors. Other times, it’s natural wear and tear that keeps these parts from working.

Either way, cooled air fails to move through the central air system and into the house so it feels like an air conditioner not cooling.

Repairs for these fans and motors are necessary. Usually, these are quick fixes that your HVAC contractor can do in one call. To prevent this issue from happening again, opt for air conditioner maintenance twice a year. Your technician will be able to deliver the care your central air needs so that you don’t ever had another air conditioner not cooling.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Because of Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant is necessary for the air conditioning process. While refrigerant is contained in a closed-tube circuit, there can be leaks. More commonly, the setting that controls the pressure of the refrigerant may have moved.

This can happen for a variety of reasons and is a natural process of air conditioner use. In order to restore the air conditioner not cooling, a technician needs to reset the pressure setting.

In the more serious case of a refrigerant leak, the tube must be replaced. If you suspect a leak, never handle refrigerant yourself and do not use the air conditioner. Defer this AC repair to your technician.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Because of Leaks and Holes

Leaks and holes in the central air system may lead to your air conditioner not cooling. The air conditioner itself might be working just fine. However, cooled air may be escaping through all the holes in the system. Often, these leaks are located in the air ducts and the home.

Poor insulation is a major cause of energy loss, which also raises energy bills. In order to experience air conditioning to its fullest capacity, homeowners should insulate their homes.

Consider insulating the air duct system, the attic and fixing all windows and doors with leaks. This should improve air conditioning efficiency, reduce heat loss and help your air conditioning last longer.

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Make Your Air Conditioning Great

When homeowners have problems with their air conditioning, they always call their trusted AC contractors. But when the central air is in good condition, what can we do to make the most of it?

To reap even more benefits from a healthy and clean air conditioning system, insulation becomes crucial.

Insulation around the home helps reduce energy costs from air conditioning. It also helps regulate indoor temperature so you are more comfortable more of the time.

Block Hot Air Out

Did you know that the attic can reach triple digits during the peak of summer? Not only that, but attic air does not receive the same type of filtration as air in the rest of the home. As a result, attic air is dirty, filled with foreign particles and germs. Unfortunately, attic air seeps farther in the home. This potentially ruins air conditioning, re-heating air that has been cooled.

This is why air conditioning contractors encourage attic insulation. Though it may sound inconvenient at first, having it done can save money, time and your home comfort.

By blocking heat from entering the home, you have greater control over indoor temperature. This also reduces stress placed on the air conditioning system.

There are several methods to attic insulation for air conditioning. Depending on the build of your home and attic space, one method may be preferred over the other. You can speak to an air conditioning specialist for advice.

Keep Cool Air In

The next best action to take is to trap cool air in. To do this, insulation is also necessary.

While it is best to insulate the entire home, sometimes that is not practical or within reason for some. Therefore homeowners are encouraged to do what they can, as even small efforts can add to big air conditioning savings.

Where is a good place to start? Windows and doors. Leaky windows and doors add up quickly, mostly because there are so many of them. Those little cracks and gaps are where air conditioning air escapes. Have them sealed or caulked to trap cooled air in.

Next, opt for energy efficient windows. This helps with temperature both ways: keep heat out and cool in. To help, you can also use drapes and curtains. These help insulate the home as well.

Homeowners who want advanced options can also play around with houseplants and even trees in the yard. Placing large trees where the sun hits is another way to block heat that ruins air conditioning.

Choose Service Champions for Superior Air Conditioning

What works for one home may not work for another. That is why air conditioning experts personalize air conditioning for homeowners wanting superior HVAC.

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