Home Furnace Repairs In Your Area

It is when the central air system does well that homeowners begin expecting issues. Home furnace repairs in your area are an inevitable part of central air systems.

While every furnace has its determined lifespan, certain parts may wear more quickly than others. Most of the time, home furnace repairs in your area can be completely prevented. It all depends on use and care.

Blower Motors

Blower motors are what push and pull air throughout the entire central air system. Home furnace repairs for blower motors are not uncommon. Plenty of factors contribute to this type of home furnace repairs in your area.

  • Blower motors have been installed incorrectly
  • Debris has built over the washers, creating a glue
  • Motors are overworked
  • Blades have broken

Blower motors are essential to the central air system. Without them, no air can be conditioned or moved into your home.

In addition, avoiding or putting off home furnace repairs in your area results in:

  • Poor performance quality
  • Useless energy expenditure
  • Overheating

HVAC contractors are familiar with this home furnace repair. Before more damage can occur, contact your technician as soon as you can.

Homeowners can expect to need a home furnace repair for blower motors if their furnaces have not been maintained in several years. Often, it is the build up of debris and particles that causes breakdown. Next, it is the length of time and use. When your HVAC technician for maintenance, do not be surprised if he or she finds a blower motor in need of repair.

Air Duct

Though air ducts are made of a rather thin material, it is unusual for it to experience leaks. However, leaks are a home furnace repair that should be made immediately.

The attic itself has a unique environment. It experiences extreme ends of temperatures during the winter and summer. Consequently, if there are leaks in the air duct system, dirty unconditioned air can enter and pollute indoor air.

Leaks in the air duct mean:

  • Poor energy efficiency
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Inaccurate air conditioning

Expect home furnace repairs in your area for air duct leaks if:

  • There has been construction or remodeling in the attic space
  • Air conditioning does not seem the same
  • Air inside the home seems dirtier or heavier

Your heating technician can provide a home furnace repair for air duct leaks and holes. In turn, the air in your home will be cleaner and energy will be used efficiently.

Fix Your Home Against Allergies and Air Pollutant

Most homes today contain hundreds of different types of allergens, pollutants, particles and bacteria. With the furnace running every day, all those pollutants circulate within our home and into our respiratory systems.

The furnace filter inside the heater is responsible of cleaning indoor air. The furnace filter catches particles, gasses and bacteria that we would breathe in otherwise. But is it enough? What else can be done about low indoor air quality?

Top Allergens and Pollutants in the Home

Attic and Roof

Asbestos and Hazardous Materials

Carbon dioxide

Rats and mice



Dust mites






Household cleaners

Living Spaces


Tobacco smoke








Garage and Basement


Carbon monoxide


House and Yard

Lead paint





Pay Attention to the Furnace Filter

The furnace filter is crucial to indoor air quality. It is the first line of defense against allergens, bacteria and solid particles. The average furnace filter should be replaced every three months. However, for homes needing a higher level of filtration, furnace filters should be replaced on a monthly basis.

Generally, furnace filters do a fine job removing solid particles from indoor airflow. This includes dander, pet hairs, dust and pollen.

What happens when the central air system runs on a dirty furnace filter?

When the furnace filter gets packed with particles, airflow is limited. This burdens the central air system, as the system is designed to heat a certain amount of air. When air cannot pass through the system, parts can burn out and require repair.

In addition, air quality falls. The furnace filter cleans indoor air but it also cleans inside the central air system. When the furnace filter is dirty, more dirt accumulates inside the heater. This results in even dirtier air, stronger odors and growths, and tougher allergens.

Schedule Heater Maintenance

Because all indoor air moves through the furnace filter and heater, it is important to keep both these items clean. Both the furnace filter needs to be replaced, and the heater needs routine cleaning. Heater maintenance is the best method of delivering this cleaning.

Why is heater maintenance so strongly encouraged for better indoor air quality? With heater maintenance, HVAC contractors are able to thoroughly clean the entire system. This opportunity allows specialists to remove tough buildup that harms indoor air quality and safety.

Your specialist removes materials such as:

  • Grime and grease
  • Microbiological growths
  • Stagnant water
  • Hardened dust and dirt
  • Insects
  • Other garbage

These sources of pollution are completely removed. You can trust that the air in your home is safe and healthy to breathe.

Make Home Repairs

Half of what pollutes home air is found inside the furnace filter and central air system. The other half is found in the home itself. More often than not, the pollutants that bother us most are things that we brought in ourselves. This includes cleaning solutions, foods, pesticides, firewood, pets and furniture.

These items may never get near the furnace filter, so there’s little chance of them being contained unless we make changes ourselves.

Homeowners who really want to fix their homes for the best air quality possible need to reevaluate their house environment. What needs to be cleaned? What should be replaced or removed?

For example, it would not be a smart choice to leave cleaning agents or equipment near open registers and vents. Every time the heater runs, incoming air would blow dust and solution particles farther into the home.

Also count the cracks and leaks in the home. Homeowners are surprised to find just how many loose windows and doors there are. These skinny cracks to the outside allow particles, like yard waste, to enter and affect indoor air quality.

By sealing the home against leaks, the furnace filter is up against less, lasting longer and working better. The same goes for the heater itself.

Maximize Air Purity with Super Cleaning Systems

There are solutions available for homes needing exceptional indoor air quality.

  • Super filters

The furnace filters in most heating systems suffice. However, some homeowners still want more. For these homes, super filters are the answer.

Super filters are specialized furnace filters that strain even the tiniest particles out of the airflow. They do an incredible job at keeping home air clean and healthy. Why don’t more homes use super filters?

First, the average furnace filter is generally enough for most households. Second, super filters are not the most energy efficient option. Because they work to completely remove all particles from the air, the pores of the furnace filter are extremely fine. As a result, air passes through as a reduced rate.

If you are interested in super filters, consult your HVAC technician. He or she can assess your heating system and lifestyle goals to determine whether or not a specialized furnace filter is necessary to improve indoor air quality.

  • Advanced air cleaning systems

Air cleaning systems provide a convenient way to clean air with little added maintenance. Air cleaning systems include options like Air Scrubber Plus and UV light systems. These work every time the heating system runs.

Just as air passes through the furnace filter, it also passes through these cleaners. During that process, harmful particles, like microbiological growth, are neutralized to purify home air. With this added defense, homeowners rely on both the furnace filter and air cleaner for superior indoor air quality.

Home Furnace Repairs in your area with Service Champions

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