My Heater Stopped Blowing Hot Air

There is a specific way that the central air system was designed to condition air. When heating and air conditioning strays from that pattern, the system communicates internal problems in subtle ways. Likewise, when the heater has stopped blowing hot air, it is clue signaling the need for increased attention and care.

How the Heater Works

The fuel burning inside the heat exchanger of the furnace heats air. What results is heat that is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. The higher the BTU is, the higher the heat output. The average residential home central air system produces between 50,000 to 120,000 BTUs.

When the central air system is in heat mode, the heat exchanger fires up and the blower motor begins spinning in order to push heated air through air duct system, which finally dispenses into the rooms of the home.

The fuel within the heat exchanger continues to burn up until the last few minutes of the heat cycle. At this point, the blower motor continues running, pushing residual heat through the air ducts. Once the cycle is over, the blower motor runs for an additional one to three minutes to cool down the system, as a safety precaution.

During these last few minutes, the air out of the vents and registers may feel cool because the heat exchanger has stopped burning. It is a normal part of the heating process and does not mean that the heater stopped working permanently.

Listen to the Central Air System

When the furnace runs, there is an expected set of regular noises. This includes sounds from the:

  • Inducer fan spinning
  • Burner lighting and running (sounds like a mini jet runner)
  • Blower motor spinning and working

Homeowners should start paying attention once the air resulting from the end of the cycle continues to be cool past three minutes. At this point, the central air system is trying to signal that there is an upset within the unit.

When the furnace enters the safety setting, only the blower runs whenever the thermostat prompts air. That means that the heater stopped blowing hot air on purpose. Any other unusual signs, such as heater smells, necessitate professional attention to clear any hazards.

Your air conditioner contractor is needed to determine the specific cause of why the heater stopped blowing hot air. He or she can restore proper heating and air conditioning service once a more thorough evaluation takes place.

Furnace Maintenance with Service Champions

A simple way to prevent costly repairs and permanent damages is through regular heating maintenance and AC tune-up. Just twice a year, your air conditioner contractor is able to keep the central air system healthy, clean, efficient and safe to use, so problems like this do not have to happen again.

To give the care your home deserves, have us for heating service. Contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule an appointment online at your convenience.