Technician Picks Up The Paper, But Finds Something More Important

At Service Champions, we do a lot of small Good Deeds For Free that we never talk about. Things like rolling in empty garbage cans from the curb, or grabbing a newspaper from the driveway to bring it to the homeowner.

Trabuco Canyon

It’s just the small extras to treat our clients the way they should be treated. Most of the time, we don’t even think twice about it.

But our technician James was at a Trabuco Canyon home when he found something else as he stooped down to pick up the newspaper to bring to a homeowner. As he reached down, something blue caught his eye right.

It turned out to be a handicap tag that had slid partially under the driver side of the car. He presented it to the homeowner when he got to the door, along with the newspaper.

“Oh my, I’ve been looking all over for that!” she said. “Where did you find it?”

James explained that he found it on the driveway when he went to get the newspaper.

“I’m so happy you found that – I was frantic about it,” the homeowner told him. “Now I can cancel my appointment at the DMV to get another one.”

It’s not the first time that James has found something around a car that saved his client’s day.

“One time I had a homeowner who was looking everywhere in his house for his keys and it turned out he had left them in the keyhole in his car door,” James said. “He was real happy that I found them.”

James, way to look for the little ways to do a Good Deed For Free – you never know what else you might find!