Technicians Aim High With This Good Deed

Service Champions technicians Malik and Jeremy arrived at a Whittier home to find a concerned homeowner.

“She was worried about her security camera not working,” Malik said. “She also had a broken gate, so she wasn’t feeling very secure.”

Malik and Jeremy figured the solution was as simple as changing the batteries, but the camera was mounted high on the house.

“We have our ladder out already, so even though the camera is high, we can get to it,” Malik told her. “We’ll just climb up and replace the batteries.”

The client was thrilled with this idea.

In a matter of minutes, they had the batteries replaced and the security camera was back in operation, much to the relief of the homeowner.

“It was good to be able to do it for her because she shouldn’t be on a ladder and also her husband had a bad leg,” Malik said. “She was very happy that we did this Good Deed for her.”

Malik and Jeremy, way to “aim high” and accomplish another Good Deed For Free for a client!