Technician Removes Eye Sore From Otherwise Immaculate Backyard

Service Champions technician Johnny was at a home in Pasadena and could tell right away how much pride his client took in her yard.

“The yard was really well maintained,” Johnny said. “It looked immaculate.”

Except for one thing.

Over a hot tub, a gazebo had torn canvas flapping around. Johnny knew that it was likely bothering the homeowner. He also knew it would be very hard for her to get up on a ladder and to handle it herself.

After talking a bit with her, he offered to help, and she accepted.

“I’ll hold the ladder for you,” she said.

Johnny climbed on to his ladder as she held it. Johnny reached up and was able to remove the torn canvas strips.

And just like that, the problem was solved. No more ripped canvas flapping around in the wind.

The homeowner was appreciative and glad to have that mess gone!

Thank you Johnny for taking the time to do another Good Deed For Free!