Technician Races Downstairs To Handle The Burning Soup

Service Champions technician Jeff was at a Lake Forest home, consulting with a mom and a daughter on work he was doing.

The work he was doing had some unique requirements because of some disabilities of the daughter.

“She had been in an accident and it caused some physical problems,” Jeff said. “But it also gave her a very good sense of smell.”

And that came in handy, because she alerted her mom that she smelled something burning.

“Oh my gosh, my lentil soup!” the mom said. “I forgot about it.”

The daughter said she would go down and turn it off, but Jeff knew it was hard for her to move fast, and that he would be able to get there the fastest.

“No problem,” Jeff said. “I can do it for you.” And he immediately rushed downstairs to the kitchen – and it was good he got there when he did.

The soup was burning and smoking already. Jeff grabbed potholder and got it off the stove. He turned the stove off and put the burned soup in the sink with some cool water to get things under control.

It was a smoky mess and no soup – but it could’ve been a lot worse if Jeff hadn’t rushed to take care of the problem.Jeff, great job acting so fast and helping your client avoid a big problem – that’s another quick-thinking Good Deed For Free.