Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Faulty Thermostats

When it comes to home comfort, your thermostat is a major player. A small screen, or even your phone, can control the temperature levels in your home and contribute to your family’s wellbeing. It’s easy to take this little piece of technology for granted, but what happens when your thermostat stops working properly? Your thermostat is pretty much the remote for your entire HVAC system. If it’s not working properly, you’re unable to control your home’s comfort levels, and you could be paying extra in energy bills. Because of this, we’re sharing some of the problems caused by faulty thermostats.

Your Furnace or Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

The most obvious sign of a faulty thermostat is if your HVAC system won’t turn on or start up. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that your whole system is broken, but it could just be caused by a faulty thermostat. As with most other technologies, your first course of action should be to turn off the thermostat and turn it on again. Sometimes this gives the device a much-needed reboot. If this doesn’t work, then you might be looking at a bigger issue. Another likely cause is that the thermostat’s wiring is defective. If the wiring is defective, the thermostat is unable to send any signals to the HVAC system. If you believe this is the case, don’t hesitate to call an HVAC technician to check everything out.

Your HVAC System Won’t Turn Off

If you’re experiencing the opposite problem—your heating or air conditioning won’t turn off—this is also a big problem. As we mentioned above, wiring issues could be to blame. If your thermostat and HVAC system are both older, you could be looking at frayed electrical wiring or something similar.

Your Thermostat is Unresponsive

Do you ever touch the thermostat screen hoping for something to happen and realize nothing is changing and the whole system is unresponsive? This is one way to know for sure that you’re dealing with a faulty thermostat. Though this may seem like a big problem, try changing the batteries or cleaning the thermostat; these could potentially solve the problem. But, if neither of these things work, you may be looking at bigger electrical problems—as mentioned above. No matter what, it’s important to reach out to an HVAC technician to figure out what’s going on with your faulty thermostat.

Treated Air is Unevenly Distributed Throughout Your Home

A problem that is subtle, but still disruptive, is the uneven distribution of home air. Is the temperature in one room dramatically different from the others? Do you feel cold in the living room but hot in your bedroom? A faulty thermostat could be the cause of these problems. When a thermostat isn’t working correctly, it can randomly turn your whole HVAC system on, and off which leads to an uneven distribution of air.

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