Technician Uses ‘Wizardry’ To Get His Customer A $300 Rebate

Service Champions technician Eric was at a Costa Mesa home performing a tune-up for a customer and he could hear the frustration boiling up out of her as she worked at her laptop keyboard.

“Is everything okay?” Eric asked.

No, as it turned out. She had just switched her internet service to the cable company, and was supposed to get a $300 rebate for transferring her service. But filling out the online form was confusing, and they were asking for things like copies of her bill! How was she supposed to do that?

“Maybe I could help you,” Eric said. “Let’s take a look.”

“Okay, we can take a picture of your bill and upload it to their website,” Eric explained… and he did just that. “And now we’ll fill out this form.” As Eric worked away on the keyboard, the customer sat next to him, looking at him like he was some kind of wizard.

The customer was even more amazed when she received an email back in a few minutes telling her the $300 American Express Rebate Card was approved and would arrive in about 4 weeks. Wow, she was happy!

It had only taken Eric about 15 minutes to help her, but he realized afterward just how much she appreciated it.

She explained that she had been a widow for 2 years, and was still getting used to handling tasks that her husband used to do. This complicated rebate form was definitely one of those challenges!

Eric told her he was happy to do it and explained how much he believed in doing “Good Deeds For Free.”

Eric was especially suited for this particular deed, because his mom is an IT expert and had taught him quite a bit about computers. “Everyone seems to come to me for computer help anyway!” Eric said. “Why not help a customer?”

Eric you made a real difference here! Kudos to you for another Good Deed!