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Costa Mesa is hit hard by earthquakes – even more than the average city in California. Service Champions can help you stay safe.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the primary provider for HVAC in Costa Mesa. As the leader in air conditioning repairs, furnace repairs, AC installations, and heating installations, our technicians are dedicated to delivering the best technical care with superior customer service.

Service Champions technicians train each year for 150 hours in our private training facility. This ensures that the service they provide for your air conditioner and the furnace is always advanced, intelligent, and efficient.

For your protection and peace of mind, our technicians pass drug tests and background checks. In addition, prior to your appointment, we send an email containing the photo IDs of your technicians so you know whom to expect.

Our furnace maintenance calls, air conditioner repairs, and AC installations combine reliable service with effective care. There are never any delays or unannounced fees, making our service calls pain-free experiences.

AC Maintenance For Heating And Cooling

Service Champions technicians want the best care for your furnace and air conditioner, which is why we offer highly effective maintenance programs. Central air systems that miss out on air conditioner tune-ups and furnace tune-ups collect harmful and bothersome conditions. These include:

  1. Poor quality air conditioning due to falling refrigerant supply.
  2. Irregular system performance caused by worn wirework and motors.
  3. Low indoor air quality from dirty filters that need changing.
  4. Microbiological growth caused by old water in drip pans and on evaporator coils.

Heating tune-ups and air conditioner maintenance twice a year prevents costly repairs and early system decline.

5 Questions Every Costa Mesa Homeowner Should Ask Before Hiring An HVAC Company

Yes. We are very selective about who we hire. All our technicians are thoroughly screened and background checked – and we make sure that they have the Service Champions friendly attitude!

All new technicians undergo a thorough 8-10 hour training course. Also – it is mandatory for all our technicians to train for 150 hours EVERY year, to keep up with industry developments.

Yes. We have EIGHT clearly written guarantees designed to put you at ease – Read about them here.

Look up our Google Reviews – there are thousands of them!

Yes it is reliable, and no – we will absolutely not change it at the last minute. We don’t believe in surprise fees, hidden costs, or anything else that will change the original price quote.

Service Champions Exceeds Expectations

Here’s how:

  • Our vehicles are fitted with the newest technology
  • The guarantees we offer you are REAL and RELIABLE
  • We don’t add in any surprise fees 
  • You’ve probably NEVER encountered such friendly and kind technicians

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