Technician Tells Customer The Real Story And Saves Her Hundreds Of Dollars

When Service Champions technician Justin came through the customer’s gate at the Long Beach home, he noticed the door was off its hinges.

He thought to himself “that’s an easy fix” and filed that thought away. It was a thought that would come in handy for his customer later that day!

Justin went on with the service call and when it was done, he was finalizing the paperwork with the customer.

“Oh, hang on a second, someone is at the door,” she said. It turned out it was someone there to talk about the problem gate.

The gate was big and made of oak. After measuring it, the man told her she would need a whole new gate… and that would cost a couple of hundred dollars.

The customer gasped, “Oh my gosh!” The man said he had to go to his truck to make some phone calls and he would be back to talk to her in a few minutes.

Justin knew that the door hinges could be fixed with just a couple of bolts. He didn’t want to see his customer have to pay hundreds of dollars for a door that didn’t even need replaced.

“You know what? I could fix that,” Justin told her.


“I could do it with a few bolts, screws, and a drill that I have in my truck,” Justin said. “It would probably take me like 20 minutes.”

The customer still couldn’t quite believe it, but she decided that paying for a new door wasn’t necessary. She went and found the gate guy out front and politely cancelled the job.

Justin had previously done some construction with a family member, so he knew about hanging doors. The oak door was heavy, so it ended up taking about 30 minutes. His customer even pitched in and helped hold up the door while he got the hinges in place.

“The whole thing was awesome,” Justin said. “It was good teamwork, she was a terrific person, and she was so happy with the result.

“God bless your soul” she told him when it was all done.

Justin, way to give your customer the real scoop and then help her solve the problem! Another excellent Good Deed For Free!

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