Technician Cooks Up A Good Deed With His ‘Fried Rice’ Expertise

Service Champions technician Sophanna was at a Santa Fe Spring home completing a furnace tune-up for one of our CHAMPS Rewards customers.

As he was going about his work, he could tell by the smell that his customer was cooking. Later, he was talking to the homeowner and saw that she was cooking fried rice. She kept looking at the box for directions.

“Actually, this is my first time trying to cook fried rice,” she told him.

That made Sophanna smile.

“Well, luckily, you’ve got an Asian technician here today and I specialize in fried rice,” Sophanna said.

“I walked her through my process, and gave her a lot of tidbits that I learned from my mom,” he said. “I recommended adding in some scrambled eggs, green onions… and, of course, more soy sauce!”

When the client was done making the fried rice, she was thrilled with the result. And her family also gave Sophanna the thumbs up for his tips on making such tasty fried rice.

But the biggest test of all came when Sophanna was offered a taste. He accepted and gave his verdict.

“It was actually pretty good,” he said. “I even gave her a tip for next time to think about adding some hot dogs, Spam, or sausage in there because lots of meat is good in it, too.”

The client told him she was excited to add this to her cooking repertoire. In fact, the whole family was excited and enthusiastic about the experience.

Sophanna, way to spread your special cuisine knowledge with a ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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