The Most Urgent Central Air Repairs

Some repairs cannot go unattended. These are the central air repairs that need to be dealt with now. If you suspect your have one or more of these central air repairs, shut down the system. Call your HVAC contractor and wait for professional help.

Central Air Repairs for Tears in the Air Ducts

When the air ducts have holes, several things happen. First, dirty air from the attic seeps into the home. Second, clean conditioned air escapes into the attic. Third, the central air system uses energy to cool air that never reaches the home. Overall, homeowners experience a drop in air conditioning quality and indoor air quality while energy costs rise.

Tears in the air ducts happen for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners experience tears in the air ducts from construction, minor natural disasters or even rodents crawling through the attic space.

If you suspect this central air repair, contact your HVAC specialist to make the fix. Until the central air repair is made, avoid using the system.

Central Air Repairs for Sticky Fire Exchangers

The fire exchanger or heat exchanger is the apparatus that holds the flame. A live flame is necessary for the heating process. Unfortunately, when residue builds around the heat exchanger, it grows sticky and the clamshell like structure is glued together. As a result, the heating process becomes rather dangerous. Homeowners with sticky fire exchangers often hear a “boom” sound whenever the thermostat is on the heat setting.

Fortunately, the central air system does have safety measures in place. The HVAC system shuts off whenever the safety switch is tripped. However, it also stops heating and air conditioning completely until central air repairs are made.

Because fire exchangers are a vital part of the entire system, these central air repairs are necessary. If you suspect a sticky fire exchanger, shut off the system and wait for your AC contractor to make central air repairs.

Central Air Repairs for Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is a necessary component of the air conditioning process. It is also an element that should stay confined to its tube. For this reason, refrigerant leaks should be attended to right away.

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This central air repair is unusual and rare. However, homeowners should always stay vigilant to notice potential refrigerant leaks.

Homeowners who recognize a drop in air conditioning power or quality may suspect such a leak. In addition, it may have to do with refrigerant pressure setting. This problem is an easier central air repair, but one that should also be made in a timely manner.

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