Is a Small AC Unit Worth It?

Small AC Unit

Small AC units are single units or portable air conditioners. Often, these are the boxy units we find in city apartments, and there’s a reason why. Many homes are not fit for small AC units.

However, there are reasons why homeowners would opt for small AC units. There are some questions you should ask before committing to small AC units. Is a small AC unit with your time? Is it worth your money? Does it work for your home?

Is a small AC unit worth the time?

HVAC technology has advanced. Small AC units are more efficient than ever before, but they are still designed for limited areas only. For that reason, homeowners who are thinking to use small AC units for their multi-room house will have a difficult time feeling cooled or heated air.

It would take incredible patience and time for your small AC unit to cool your home to your desired temperature. In addition, homeowners are confined to on area only. They must be wherever the small AC unit is. So, while it may be the more affordable option now, we really get only a fraction of what we want.

Is a small AC unit worth the money?

Small AC units are very cheap compared for full central air systems. A small AC unit costs around two or three hundred dollars while a central air system begins around $1,000. Consequently, homeowners who need relief now without spending too much choose the small AC unit.

With a central air system, HVAC technicians take the time to measure your home and factor in your lifestyle goals. They can find the right energy efficient central air system so that it costs as little as possible while delivering whole air conditioning and home comfort.

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Is a small AC unit worth the work?

Whether or not a small AC unit works for your home depends on what you want. If you need cooling in just one limited area over time, a small AC unit is perfect and it definitely does save on costs. However, if homeowners are thinking to buy a small AC unit for every area in the home, they may run into trouble.

With multiple small AC units there is the inconvenience of turning each on and off, setting them all to the same temperature and other small troubles that may burden the mind and consume time.

There is a reason why most homes have central air systems. They are convenient, cost and energy-efficient and comfortable.

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