Answers to Strange Cooling System Behaviors

For most homeowners, the cooling system is out of sight, out of mind. It is not until there is some strange behavior coming from the cooling system that we begin to pay attention.

Some of these behaviors are minor. Others signal a larger underlying issue.

Unusual Sounds from the Cooling System

There are many parts to the cooling system. With use and time, some of these parts may come undone. These include wires, motors, screws, washers, bolts, nuts, covers and other pieces. As a result, when the cooling system operates there may be rattling, shaking, clicking or thumping sounds.

Most of these noises are benign. They do not hinder the cooling system’s operation. However, it may put a damper on home comfort and peace of mind.

To make these minor repairs to the cooling system, opt for AC maintenance.

Air conditioner maintenance gives your technician the opportunity to make these tiny repairs all over the cooling system, removing the source of these unusual sounds.

Strange Odors or Smells from the Cooling System

The air ducts of the cooling system runs all through the house. Its primary responsibility is to push and pull air in and out of the house. While it also works to filter air, many times odors slip through the filter. As a result, homeowners experience strange smells.

Homeowners may smell odors like mildew or garbage. These smells can come from blocked drains, microbiological growth and the decomposition of organic matter.

Because the cooling system does condensate, water constantly collects. If the condensate lines are clogged, water pools, stagnates and eventually festers mold. In addition, HVAC contractors have discovered small rodents and other animals stuck in the furnace and air ducts.

Any odors like burning, fumes or even gunpowder signal serious issues. Turn off the cooling system. Contact your HVAC provider for further help.

Abnormal Temperatures from the Cooling System

When the cooling system delivers abnormal temperatures, there can be a couple different reasons why.

If your cooling system does not cool air as well as it used it, the problem links back to the condenser unit. The pressure setting for the refrigerant line may have shifted. When pressure is low, refrigerant does not fall enough in temperature to cool air adequately.

There may also be a refrigerant leak. While this is uncommon, it is possible.

Either way, the best course of action is to schedule AC maintenance. Your technician is the only one who should handle refrigerant related issues.

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