There’s Something A Little Fishy About This Good Deed

Service Champions technician Michael pulled up to a home in La Mirada for a service call. He climbed out of his van and noticed the homeowner’s daughter unloading a decent-sized cooler from her car.

She was carrying the cooler very carefully, and Michael thought maybe it was heavy.

“Can I help you carry that in?” he asked, but she told him she was fine. She said she just had some fish in the cooler. Michael thought that sounded like a good dinner.

Michael was able to fix the home’s air-conditioning system efficiently and was on his way out when he saw the daughter with the cooler opened next to the fish tank.

It was then Michael realized the fish wasn’t dinner… they were pet fish!

This time the daughter did want some help. It was hard to hold the tank open while getting the fish in there.

“If I hold this up, do you think you can pour the fish in there?” she asked.

“Sure, no problem,” Michael said.

Together they got the fish in the tank and happily swimming around. She thanked Michael for his help.

Michael, keep up the good work – that’s another ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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