Technician Steps In To Take Care Of Tree-Trimming For His Client

One of our Service Champions technicians was out in the backyard of a West Covina home servicing an air conditioning unit, when he and the homeowner got to talking.

“Look at that tree,” she said. “I forgot to ask the gardener to trim it – I’ll need to remember to ask my son to help with that next time he is here.”

The technician didn’t hesitate.

“Oh, I can do that for you,” he said.

“Really?!?” She was excited that he was willing to help.

“Sure, I’ll take off all these low branches, and shape it up symmetrically for you,” he said. “No problem at all.”

He got the tree looking very nice and had one happy homeowner!

“She was really thrilled that it got done,” the technician said. “I kind of felt good about it. Next time her son visited they could just sit and talk and not have to worry about doing a chore.”

That’s a helpful Good Deed For Free!