Technician Assembles Bookshelf In 10 Minutes, Saves His Client Hours Of Work.

A Service Champions technician was at a tune-up at a Tustin home when he noticed an unassembled bookshelf in a box in the living room.

“Hey, we do Good Deeds For Free,” he said. “Would you mind if I assembled that bookshelf for you?”

“You’ll really put it together for me?” the homeowner said. “It would be great because it’s kind of heavy for me.”

Our technician took the box into the room where she wanted it. He noticed the homeowner already had another identical bookshelf in use.

In a matter of about 10 minutes, he had the whole thing assembled.

When he was done, the homeowner was amazed.

“Oh my gosh!” she said. “You’re already done? It took me all day to put the other one together.”

Our technician was happy to do it, especially when he heard how long it would’ve taken his client.

“For me it was easy and only 10 minutes,” he said. “But it was a big deal to her to save all that time, so I was happy to do it.”

That’s another time-saving Good Deed For Free!