What An A+ Rating From The BBB Actually Means

What An A+ Rating From The BBB Actually Means…


What Southern California Homeowners Should Know
About Their Heating & Air Conditioning Company

You sometimes hear about companies having different “grades” from the Better Business Bureau, but what do those ratings actually mean?

Most homeowners are aware of the BBB as a respected consumer watchdog, but they don’t know what specifically a rating means.

Is it just about not having many complaints, or is there more to it?

Here’s what you need to know:

The rate of complaints a business gets – and the response to complaints – is a part of the grade, but there is more to it.

The BBB grades companies on trust, honesty, transparency, responsiveness, safeguarding privacy, and integrity.

In fact, the BBB has a ton of information that consumers can (and should) use when evaluating contractors. They judge companies on 13 different factors and assign letter grades from A+ to F.

For example, the BBB looks at things like truth in advertising and transparent business practices. And it will lower scores for company’s without proper licensing or if the government has taken action against the business for violations.

The BBB compiles all this information, weighting each factor according to its formula. They use a scale based on 100 being a perfect score. To get an A+, a business must score between 97 and 100. It’s a lot like a report card from school!

So… What Does Service Champions Report Card Say?

We’re proud to say that Service Champions is the heating and air conditioning company in Southern California with an A+ rating with the BBB.

As a company completely committed to the highest levels of service and integrity, it’s nice to be recognized by the BBB as a company that maintains an A+ on our report card at all times!

You can also dig a little deeper into our track record with the BBB to get an even fuller picture of who we are.

For example, the BBB website gives consumers the option of leaving a review for businesses.

As you might expect, many consumers use this as a place to vent about a bad experience with a particular business.

But our reviews are different. Our page on the BBB website has 500+ reviews and the AVERAGE is a FULL 5 STARS.

No other HVAC company in Southern California has even close to that many 5-star reviews on the BBB. (Truthfully, we’d be shocked if there was an HVAC company anywhere in the country with that many 5-star reviews on with the BBB).

And what about our rate of complaints?

They are virtually zero, and none outstanding or unresolved.

As an experiment in 2018, we decided to calculate our complaint percentage rate with the BBB. We’re a company that does about 18,000 transactions a month, which adds up to about 216,000 transactions in 2018.

We had one complaint in 2018. That is a complaint rate of 0.0004 percent. (And keep in mind, that one lonely complaint was resolved to the satisfaction of both the client and the BBB).

This is another area where we don’t think there is any company anywhere doing the volume of business that we do that could match that astonishingly low complaint rate.

Want to know the cool part?

We don’t really focus on having an A+ with the BBB.

It just happens because of the way we like to do business. With integrity by always keeping our promises and going over the top to make sure all our clients are happy with everything we do.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can go to our page on the independent BBB website and verify all this for yourself.

You’ll see for yourself our awesome track record, that we’ve been fully accredited with the BBB since our founding in 2000, and that our report card always remains an A+. See the BBB’s report on Service Champions.